Life Update!

Well it's been far too long since I put up a blog post so I thought I'd do a little life update before I post my September long distance relationship post (which should be up tomorrow!) So I'm working a lot more now which is good! I struggled working so much because of my endometriosis... Continue Reading →


August | Long Distance Relationship

As of August 13th, I have been in a long distance relationship. My fiancé finished university down in Winchester, and decided to move to Edinburgh to do his masters. Heartbroken wasn't even the word. I always knew it was coming, he was very honest and told me that he wanted to move up there from... Continue Reading →

I’m Engaged!

That's right- Alex went and put a ring on it! On Thursday 9th August 2018, Alex and my friend Alice dragged me up to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh in the dark. Now, as someone that is extremely unfit and absolutely despises exercise, this was a challenge and a half for me. The whole way up... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Trip!

I don't even know where to start with this Edinburgh trip, it was absolutely amazing. The reason we went to Edinburgh was to move Alex up there as that's where he's doing his masters degree. But obviously, we couldn't go to Edinburgh and not stay for a few days and go exploring! We got to... Continue Reading →

The Boyfriend Tag!

I feel like I couldn't mention Alex in as many posts as I do without doing the boyfriend tag! So I thought it would be fun to see what he would say! Here we go! Where did we meet? -Bop! (Bop's a night that our student union puts on every week!) Where was our first... Continue Reading →

21 Things at 21.

It really doesn't matter what people think of you. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back. It's okay to put yourself first. It's okay to trust people. You will think you're in love a number of times before you actually do fall in love. Falling in love is both scary and amazing. Sex isn't... Continue Reading →

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